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Dentalis, a Provider of Software for Dental Clinics, Partnered With Insurers ĀIO and Fator to Offer Special Liabilities Coverage for Dentists (Individuals and Legal Entities)

Criado em 28 jan 2020

Dentalis, a provider of software for dental clinics, partnered with insurers ĀIO and Fator to offer special liabilities coverage for dentists (individuals and legal entities).

The service will be launched this week.

According to Dentalis CEO Sergio Aronis, there is a lack of awareness among dental professionals about the insurance coverage available in the market, as well as policies at more affordable prices, with differentiated conditions and which gives them protection in case of being sued by patients.

Dentalis said it aims to become a digital hub for dentists, providing solutions such as credit analysis, digital accounts and dealing with paperwork, among others. The company claims to have 17,000 dentists as customers of its ERP software, or about 36% of the market.

On the patient side, the dental segment saw an increase of 6.43% year-over-year to approximately 25.8mn beneficiaries in November. In the same period, the number of people with a health plan declined 0.03% to 47.2mn users, according to sector regulator ANS.

Insurance regulator Susep put out to public consultation a proposal on self-regulation for the insurance brokerage, capitalization and open private pension market segments.

Susep’s initiative is designed to meet a government provisional measure issued in November that stripped the entity of its power to regulate insurance brokers, under the argument that this would reduce bureaucracy, inspection costs and give more flexibility to the segment.

The consultation will be open for comment until February 19 and can be accessed here.

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